Course Info

Want to know why we are the South West’s premium obstacle course and mud run event? Take a look at some of our obstacles below. Note we add new obstacles at every event! 5k and 10k options are available. The 10k is two laps of the 5k course. This means if you run the 10k you will face every obstacle twice…ouch. Due to the nature of the event and the venues used course distances are approximate.

Bag Leap

Ready to take a leap of faith.


Tidal Wave

Will you get washed out?


Stepping Stones

One small step and a giant leap of faith.


Bubble Bath

Relax in the spa…. not!



Can you conquer the dome at lightening pace?


The Great Wall

Are you greater than the wall?


Bog of Eternal Stench

This one does stink… expect to get dirty.



Water slides aren’t just for kids you know.


Barbed Wire Crawls

Time to get friendly with some worms. Don’t worry… mud’s good for your skin.



This one’s tough to get up… team work helps!



Don’t look down!


Spider Walls

It’s all about grip and technique.



Take a deep breath and in you go….fresh meat for the Monster.


Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are tough so we put them over water to give you a nice soft landing!.


Water Dunks

Bring some shampoo as you’ll be washing your hair Monster style.


Monster Slushy

15,000 litres of water, 2 tonnes of ice…one cold experience!


Walk The Plank

Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe… plonk you ended up in the drink again.


Multi Storey

Three levels of toilet seats stacked on top of each other? Sounds fab to us.


Monsters Marsh

You can expect to get wet! This obstacle is also known as the ‘Ball Shrinker’ at our Winter event.



It’s not all about running you know….you’ll need to give it some whelly to conquer Titan.


A Frame Alley

You will need strength and technique to get over these…


Climbing Walls

Get up and over these before the Monster grabs hold of you. There will be a range of walls varying in height and style.


Tyre Crawls

Keep your head down and get crawling under our grubby old tyres.


Log Carry

Time to move some wood from A to B….just because you can…


Toilet Seat

A Monster special…crawl into the toilet and then haul yourself out…


Leaning Wall

Straight walls simply aren’t tough enough. We’ve constructed this angled wall to test you that little bit more…


Tank Traps

The Monster has set traps out that are tough enough to stop a tank. Will you go over or under?


Tyre Walls

A testing obstacle for sure….you’ll feel pleased with yourself once you are over!



Running in some water will clean your trainers off…


Sandbag Slog

There’s no rest for the wicked….we need you to move our 14kg sandbags for us.



See a ditch….you guessed it your crawling through it…


Hay Bale Pyramids

We hope you don’t mind heights…


Starting Pen Crawls

On your marks, get set (to become muddy), GO!


Hole In The Wall

Don’t worry the hole is meant to be there!